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Every day customers are thrilled with our fast reliable service and delighted with our refurbished laptops and notebook computers.

At USAnotebook.com we’ve been providing great deals on laptop computers since 1988. During those 16 years our reputation has grown worldwide as being the leading source for low priced laptops and inexpensive notebook computers.

Customers know they can count on USAnotebook.com for all their used laptop needs. Whether they’re looking for one laptop or a hundred and one, we have a superb selection of all the latest models, from IBM, Compaq, E-machines, Dell, Toshiba and more.

Perhaps no wonder we’ve received thank you letters from customers spanning the globe in over 70 countries!

We’re proud of our record and continue to ensure that everyone who receives our quality, used laptops is given the highest level of care and attention. Here’s just a sampling of some of the comments we’ve received:

To Everyone at USA Notebook,

Great job on getting the laptop sent to me! It is really a great looking laptop that I do not think I could have found in better condition. I have looked for about one year before I decided on your business. I am GLAD I choose USA Notebook!

Thanks again Dan Horvath

Dear USAnotebook.com,

Just purchased a used Toshiba Notebook for our company, and it came faster than promised, and the system looks brand new. No scratches or other wear signs. The price was extremely reasonable. If someone were to look at it, they would think it were brand new. Software installed was the OEM software from Toshiba, so I had to remove a lot of things that weren’t needed. I have purchased several computers from USANOTEBOOKS.COM and had only one problem, and they were there to take care of the situation with impeccable customer support. I recommend to everyone that is looking to purchase a used notebook or laptop computer to check out USANOTEBOOKS.COM first, because they won’t need to look anywhere else. Our company will continue to use them as our first choice, because if something were to quit operating, it will happen within their warranty.

When it arrives, it is like setting up a new computer from any manufacturer and that is one of the thins I look for. As always with Microsoft, you will need to check for updates and patches, but that is simple. Keep up the great work USANOTEBOOKS.COM, I’ll be probably be ordering another one soon. Thank you.

Mitch Simmons Computer Technician

Team USAnotebook.com,

I want to say bravo to the entire team at USAnotebook. The customer
support I receive exceeds my expectatons! The quality of notebooks
is excellent. Custom officials in Ghana did not believe the notebooks
are refurbished. They had to bring in an IT official to confirm.

In just one month I have purchased 25 notebooks from USAnotebooks. In
three months I should be doing over 50 laptops a month.

Patrick Agamba / Owner
Finatrix Business Company, Teshie Nungua, Accra, Ghana

Thank You.

Recently, I purchased an IBM laptop PC for my fiance', Kelly Plamp
and gave it to her for Valentine's day. A couple of weeks ago, her
hard drive failed. She contacted Tech support there, and was Very
Impressed with their knowledge and accomodations. After diagnostic
procedures with tech support, she was sent a replacement hard drive.

Thank you for your service.

I wanted to thank everyone there. I have been calling and sending
email for the last week about my order. I finnally got my laptop
and I wanted to thank you. Everyone at USA Notebook was very
professional and helpful..you even gave me tips on how to send it
to my friend in europe. I especially want to thank Rafael who
gave me a 5% discount. Anyway..I am very impressed with your
company and I will be back.

Patrick Corbett

That is unbelievably FAST shipping and I got a great deal on a laptop,
too. I really like how your company works with customers.
Thanks. -christy

Attn: Eric
I want to take the time to thank you and your staff for your time and
patience in getting the 'battery' problem straightened out in my 770 think
The second replacement is working just fine... I realize that there can be a
problem with a purchase, but the difference is in the handling of 'making it
I will do my best to promote your business, and don't hesitate to use this
e-mail to praise your company!!!

Thanks... Warren Campbell

Dear usanotebook.com

I just wanted to thank you for the quick service/shippment of
a laptop I purchased from you. It arrived in a timely manner and
works wonderfully. Thank you

Thank you very much as I did recieve the modem today and I believe that it
is working well. I was concerned at first because I didn't realize how
it connected, but your sales people are very kind and considerate and walked
me through it. So thanks again and I appreciate all your help. I will refer
my friends to your web-site. As a matter of fact one of my friends already
bought a used lap-top from you after I ordered mine.

Geralyn Bobeck

Hello, We received the computer today. It looks and works great and even had
a charged battery! I am totally satisfied and will contact you again when
ready for an upgrade. Thanks, John

Thanks Alan

At first I thought it was an external DVD drive until I noticed the CD tray.
It's no big deal. The laptop is in excellent condition.
One of my friends thought it was new.

I'll have to find the manual on the IBM web site to get really familiar with it.
Howeverit is up and running with some applications I loaded.

I'll recommend your company to friends and students.

Mele Kalikimaka



Dear USAnotebook.com!

I recently ordered an IBM ThinkPad 380Z from you as a Christmas gift for my grandmother, after finding your website on Google. The computer arrived on overnight shipping to my house on Christmas Eve, just in time for the 25th. It works perfectly! I was able to reformat the hard drive and put Linux on the system. My grandmother now has a rock solid super-friendly laptop for her to surf the web and send email. Thank you so very much for your great products and services. I'll be sure to recommend you to all of my friends.
Karl Miller
Satisfied Customer


Dear Eva Klugar,

The laptop notebook has finally arrived, and in good working order.
Thank you. Also, many thanks to the owner of your company for seeing
this order through. It is good that my client, who is a pastor at
my church is a patient man. We could have lost that sale. Thank you
again for helping us save the sale.


Connie Kramer


Dear Adam
we got the laptops in good order and the floppy and mordem
drive worked very well.You guys are just wonderful keep it up.
Regards to your team,
Makasa. ZAMBIA.

Thank you kindly FOR YOUR PROMPT RESPONSE and as
a favor to me please forward to your supervisor this
e-mail your are an exemplary representative and one to
be emulated by your peers!!!!! for such prompt
customer service i had a problem and this was answered
in a matter on 5 minutes outstanding keep up the great
work.Thank you again.

Sergeant Jeffrey J. Kennedy
U.S Army,(the middle -east)


Thank you very much for the 5 laptops that i finally received yesterday.
Their quality was well above my expectations. You guys really do a good job.

Once again, thank you very much.




I got the laptops today.
Thank you it was one of the best shipment from US on used notebook.
It is true that your price Is not always the cheapest,
but it is fact that your products are ready to sell.
On used business I have only one more source that has the goods like you.

Rodrigo Costa
Mexico city, Mexico

I got the laptops today and I am very happy I can sell right away next order for 10 soon, let's me check another spec.. and I am glad to do business with you

I will have the notebooks in my shop tomorrow, they are all sold and I need to order more in a couple of days.


Andy Jones.

I just want to inform you that all is well with the computer.
I spoke with Fed Ex concerning my laptop order,
and it has arrived in Orange County, California last night.
It will be delivered today, which looks like we're receiving
it earlier than what you expected.
Anyway, I appreciate your help and your company's service.
I'll keep my eyes open and direct those to benefit from your
products and services. I am sure that there are lots of college
students that are broke like myself because college is so expensive, or
even others that don't want to spend a lot of money for laptops.

I wish you all well in your business and the company.
I look forward in doing business with your company again.
Thanks a million.

Best regards,

Eleanor Vieau

I just wanted to write and thank you for the great product and service you have given us. All 15 computers are great and appreciated by our pilot's that use them.
Thanks again.

Matt Engel
Capital Cargo International Airlines
Florida, USA

It was a breeze dealing with USAnotebook.com. I received the Proforma Invoice through your extranet, made wire transfer,and within 4 days received the goods from a distance of almost
12,000 + kms. Seems incredible. Laptops received are not in pristine condition,
but value for money indeed.

Respectfully Yours
Y.A.W.Al Hawaj & Sons Co.

My IBM ThinkPad order from last Thursday arrived this Monday morning. I always worry about surprises when I order Online. This time the surprise was very pleasant. The Thinkpad is in 'looks like new' condition and has more memory and larger hard drive than you promised. Is that a mistake, or you guys are just generous?

Thanks a lot for making my day (and my son's Christmas)!
John Vozniak
San Francisco, CA

Dear USAnotebook Team!

I am impressed! The refurbished battery came with the notebooks makes the computer work for 3 hours. Thanks for taking care about the details and serving with the high quality refurbished notebook promptly.

Teresa Conte
Madrid, Spain

Thank you for the extremely quick shipping and the laptop case! I will recommend you guys!

Tom Perkins
Great Falls, VA

I received the notebook today. All 12 of them is OK. Thank You for: carrying case and for ALL

Liviu Costa
Bucharest, Romania

To the Outstanding Sales Staff at USANotebooks.com,
I was asked a favor by a friend--find a good and reasonably cheap laptop.
Your website met that challenge handily. However, the friend lives in a
small country in Southern Africa, so I ventured to ask whether or not
USANotebooks.com could arrange the shipping. There was no hesitation in
your 'yes' response, and the cost was half what I would incurred shipping it
as an individual. Within a week the computer was in the hands of my good
friend, a teacher in rural Africa. I'm amazed. She's thrilled. What a
great service!

Tucson, AZ

I would like to thank you on the quickness on my computer getting here.
I am stationed in Japan in the Air Force and really appreciate your professionalism.
I also want to thank you for the memory you had put on this note book and the size of the hard drive. I was about to go off base to one of the Computer shops to get more memory and hard drive but you just saved me a extra $300.00 to achieve this.

I will do business with you all again in the near future. From all of us military serving in Japan
Thank you.

Mr William Sulak
Yokota Air Base Japan

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful machine.
It arrived on time, and in great condition. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a notebook.

Best Regards,
Dan Shepard

I love my new laptop! Thanks for your good service!!!


Hello, Julius!

I have received the laptops, and I am more than satisfied.
They are absolutely perfect.
Thank you for the bags.

Best regards, Milan.


My computer came back and already we are sailing on a rolicking sea.

It is good to know that USA Notebooks stand by their product and repaired
the problems with my computer
I thank you all again and will recomend USA Notebooks to any one I meet
regards and thanks


Sorry to take so long to write I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service.
I received my notebook in mid-August and it is great. Much better than I could have ever
dreamed of for such a resonable price.

C.J. Sale, Illinois

Thank you so much Gabor. I really appreciate it.

I must say that I am really impressed with the way this return was handled.
USANotebook.com has behaved in a professional and very considerate manner.
I was able to contact you over the phone several times very easily and get
prompt response to my inquiries. This made me feel very comfortable even
though I was making online purchases. You really add a personal touch to
the online experience. I would definitely consider purchasing from
USANotebook.com again. You can quote me on that anytime.

Thank you!!

Hans Sharma
Swiss Re Life & Health


Just writing to tell you that your company is the best.
Excellent service and quality laptops!
I purchase the IBM 770 for a relative, and it was more than I thought it would be.
My relative is more than happy about his laptop.
I will be purchasing a few more laptops for my kids.


Lewis Reaves

Hi Julius,

First of all, 2 words :

Amazing !
Excellent !

I received the ordered notebook, and I am really very positively surprised. What a machine !!

Raphaël Vigneron
Sales & Strategic Manager

You were absolutely right. The laptop is here and you
have another satisified customer.
Thanks a lot,
You do a hell of a job there!


My notebook arrived and it is perfect!
So much so that now my husband wants one, too.
And when he told a colleague about how cheap I got it, he now wants one, too -
so expect some more orders next month!

Kind regards,


Dear JLK, My unqualified apologies for the delay in
communication. I am sorry.

I received the consignment on the 22nd of May.
All the laptops are in good shape, and WE are
very impressed by the speed at which the whole
transaction took place.

Bye for now,

Respectfully Yours


HI Julius,

The notebooks are super. Send me please what you still have with good


Eva / Julius
I got this shipment yesterday, although it's shipped last Friday and due this Friday...
the unit came in excellent condition, I really appreciate your kind regards in this matter and honest business, especially the price adjustment based on Julius's quote.

Look forward to receiving the other three units (due UPS ground today) and more business with you again...

Have a nice day!

Tom Chen

Hi Julius,

I tested the battery again tonight, and it was very good.
Sorry for confusing you further (not sure why it didn't last long yesterday).
Again, the condition of the 770Z is great. I will introduce it soon.

Thank you for your time!


Just for the "latest" update, I purchased an IBM laptop back in March 2003,
and sent to Israel for a colleague who is getting his Master's Degree. He
finds the laptop reliable. He is grateful expressing that the laptop was a
lifesaver during research and writing papers for the spring semester. My
brother who was a former IBM consultant ran a "final" test prior sending to
Jerusalem. Actually my brother was impressed who did not have to work on it.
I am also recommending to my sister who is planning to purchase a laptop for
personal use without having to spend $1000 or more. She also plans to return
to college next Spring.

We look forward for future purchase and referrals.

Best regards,

Eleanor Vieau

Dear Eva,

The laptop was delivered safely in Dublin today. I am delighted with its's good, clean condition and the speed in whuch it was delivered.

I will be buying from you again.


Bart Doyle

To USANotebook.com

I just wanted to take a moment, to say thank you. We were unsure
of the the IBM notebook we had purchased, but when we received
it we were pleasantly surprised. It was in excellent conditon and
was ready to go. It was the perfect gift for my husband. I am thinking
about purchasing one for my daughter. I will definately order it
from USANotebook and I will recommend you to everyone I Know.

Thanks again.

Stacey Floyd

Dear Sirs,
I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery and order handling and for the quality of the shipped notebook. being in Russia, I expected the shipment only in the beginning of March. 5 days surprised me. I would like to continue buying laptops from you. However I have a question.
1) I represent Pomors State University and Barents Virtual University - both in Russia. Am I eligible for any discounts? (You can check at pomorsu.ru, and www.bvuniversity.org)

Thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Igor Shpyakin
BVU Secretariat Manager
Director pro tempore


Thank you profusely for sending me a floppy drive for the laptop I had
purchased from you (see below). I really appreciate it. The laptop is
working so incredibly well I am aghast to admit that it functions better
than my last one when it was new! I am recommending your company to
others. Also, is there a charge for that floppy drive? It came with no
note. Thanks.



We have received your Notebooks , very nice , very good condition !!!

Sorry for the delay but I was on vacation with my family in Italy for Carnival time....

Thanks and at next time and next order !!!!


Mr Kluger,

today i get the laptops, they're in incredible condition, i'm
really satisfied with them
Thanks a lot
I'll appreciate that you communicate me when you have laptops with
Spanish keyboard

Best regards

I putchased two laptops for my sons for christmas and not only was I suprised at how fast they came but the prestine condition that they were in. What a great value for the money...I have recommended you to all our friends..thanks again

Angela Gould
Morganville, NJ

Please disregard my previous e-mail, I got the sound issue resolved.

These units are immaculate, I'm very pleased. Hope to be purchasing again soon.


PrisMax Products

To USANotebook.com

I just wanted to take a moment, to say thank you. We were unsure of the IBM notebook we had purchased, but when we received it we were pleasantly surprised. It was in excellent condition and was ready to go. It was the perfect gift for my husband. I am thinking about purchasing one for my daughter. I will definitely order it from USAnotebook and I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again.

Stacey Floyd

Dear Sirs,

I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery and order handling and for the quality of the shipped notebook. Being in Russia, I expected the shipment only in the beginning of March. 5 days surprised me. I would like to continue buying laptops from you.

Thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Igor Shpyakin
BVU Secretariat Manager
Director pro tempore

Hello, JLK!

I received the trial order Monday and I'm ready for a more serious order. Your laptops are great for retail sale. Please, send me your inventory list of P2 and P3 IBM Thinkpads.

Csaba Darvas

This month I bought one laptop computer for my self and one for my wife. Purchased mine from USAnotebook.com and the other from another online store. After both of them arrived, I had to send back the other order because its poor resemblance to the offer. Finally I bought my wife's computer from you as well and now we have to reasonably well condition notebooks for your cheap price. Thank you guys, behind the website!

Harry Trustman
Colorado Springs, CO

sorry for my late reply.. but here in Chile, the raining problem is serious. it rained the highest level in 80 years. every road, every station is overflowed. the airport was closed. I have just received the laptop today. well... yow know,, what a rain!.. I loved the laptop.. and probably I will make another order for my son.

Jordan Forge

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